Consulting Bootcamp

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Consulting Bootcamp is for 1st year students curious about consulting, our people and culture. Participants gain hands-on work experience while working under the leadership of a BCG Project Leader. You will be part of a real, ongoing project. Moreover, be part of several fun and exciting social activities.

Are you ready to take the leap?

  • 1-week paid internship (June 21st – 25th)
  • Arbeidsgiver: BCG


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Søknadsfrist: 01.04.2021


+You Studentseminar

 Generell informasjon om stillingen:

As a +You participant you will solve a case based on an actual BCG project, practice your analytical and problem-solving skill, while being coached by BCG consultants, explore what a career in consulting is, and get to know our people and culture.

The event runs over 3 days in August and we designed it for 2nd and 3rd year students. Each participant qualifies for an internship interview as a Visiting Associate.

This is BCG +You

• Weekend trip with case solving

• August, 26th – 29th

• Group case work and presentation

• Individual mentor and coaching

• Team activities and adventures

• Social evenings

• Guaranteed internship interview

• 2nd and 3rd year students


Arbeidsgiver: BCG

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Søknadsfrist: 01.04.2020


Women Mentorship Program

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The Women Mentorship Program is a platform for female students and young graduates to connect with aspiring and relatable BCG mentors; it combines skill-based workshops with aspiring facilitators, individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions and fun group activities. We carefully match each participant with a suitable mentor to ensure that you get the most out of your mentoring experience.

The program runs over 6 months and is designed for undergraduate students, 2nd year or higher and young professionals with up to 2 years of experience. The kick-off session is in April and the closing in September.


• Skill-based workshops & mentoring

• 6-8 sessions over 6 months

• April, kick off – September, closing

• Discover your strengths and potential

• 1-on-1 sessions with a BCG mentor

• Learn more about consulting skills and techniques

• Expand your network

• Be part of social activities


• 2-4-year students and young graduates

  • Mentorship program running from April to September 2021. Not paid


Arbeidsgiver: BCG

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